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Sevenoaks Gardening Services

We offer a range of garden services in Sevenoaks.

Tidying beds & borders

We will take the chore out of tidying your beds and borders to keep your garden looking at it's very best.


We will ensure your shrubs are pruned at the optimum times throughout the year for producing best growth.

Lawn care

Whether your lawn needs feeding, weeding, or mowing we are here to help.

Seasonal planting

We can plan and manage your planting throughout the year.

Holiday service

Even if you are a keen gardener yourself, we can take over your usual gardening duties whilst you are away.

Garden clearance

Let us give your garden a spring / winter tidy for you to carry on the good work throughout the year.


We don't just work on gardens, we can help out in preparing and maintaining your allotment space.

Plant care

We can troubleshoot common pests and diseases to keep your plants healthy.

Vegetable patch

We can help plan, prepare, and plant a vegetable patch in your garden or allotment.

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Your Gardening Angels - Sevenoaks Gardening Services

About Your Gardening Angels

I am an RHS trained gardener working professionaly in Sevenoaks for 5 years. In that time I have built up a team of dedicated, knowledgeable gardeners to join me. We are all local women and our passion for what we do shows in our work.

Gardening for us is so much more that just a job - we care about plants, nature, and the environment and being part of it.

Your Gardening Angels are RHS Trained

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